Through our website: SCAP has established reliable online marketing platforms, this has contributed to a wider customer base both for us as a company and other companies that advertise with us.

Everyday Small and Medium Sized Companies are coming up that require upholding and advisory services especially during initial stages. One would as a question whether there exists no other companies already handling this kind, yes there exists such upholding, advisory and consultancy support companies are ready but most of them are not competent whereas others don’t the required capacity to hand public requirements.

Due to the nature of South Sudan and the kind of life style, a lot of apartments have been built of which most are empty, this creates the need for a loyal advertising platform since most potential clients have no knowledge of their existence whereas a few that know about the existence of such apartments shay around due the fear thinking their rates are too high yet not true for all. The same applies to hotels. Hence the need to create a platform where such apartments, SMEs and Hotels can pay and advertise their businesses. In general, one of SCAP’s major business is online advertising for general public business.

As a result of the existence of a large number of NGOs and other humanitarian organizations, for day to day running of business a chain of businesses is attracted, that’s to say; General Supplies, Construction, Cargo Shipping, Office Supplies, Advertising, Transport and logistics, Agricultural Supplies, Relief Supplies, Construction Materials, Importation, Consultancy Services, among others.